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Leaf And Debris Cover

Keep your pool free from leaves, twigs and debris this year.
This can reduce your chemical cost by 50%.
Save water from evaporation.
Cleaning time is reduced to a minimum.
Simple to put on and take off.
This easy to use pool cover is made from a high tech, exclusively blended, micro mesh fabric that stops leaves from getting in, but allows rain water through.


It has a generous overlap in excess of 300mm to allow for fitting over the pool coping and ladder – and is supplied with a marine grade stretch cord (bungee cord) which is threaded through grommets in the hem, and the cover simply stretches over the pool’s top rail like a big shower cap!

The grommets are fitted at 400mm (approx 15″) spacings so you can tie down the cover and use it with a pool cover float.

Please visit  if you wish to see video.

NOTE – Finished cover size has an overlap of approx 30cm all the way around to allow it to fit over the pool coping and ladder.