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Ozone Swim

Ozone generated from the Ozone Swim® units do the majority of sanitising work in your pool, reducing chlorine demand by up to 80% while leaving you with clear, clean and odour free pool water.

Ozone effectively neutralises any organic contaminant instantly and reverts
back to oxygen by the time the water returns to your pool. Ozone Swim®
leaves you with noticeably softer water that is also safe and hygienic.

Are you tired of red eyes and itchy skin?
• Do you want to reduce your chlorine exposure?
• Do you want healthy, crystal clear & odour-free water?
• Do you want to save time and money on pool maintenance?
• Does your family suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema?

Noticeably softer, hygienically clean water
Safe for people who suffer from allergies, asthma & eczema
Eliminates red eyes and itchy skin
Environmentally friendly

Reduces your pools chlorine levels by up to 80%
Fewer additional chemicals required
Prolongs equipment and salt cell life
Save time and money on maintenance
Improves water clarity


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